👋 Hi there!

Welcome to Disco - we are stoked to have you on board. This handbook is intended to help guide you through the documentation we have around different parts of the company and how we operate.

While it's something that will be super useful on your first day, we expect it'll be something that you can (and should) refer back to regularly for a refresher. If you feel something is unclear, undocumented, or just plain missing as you work your way through, please add it in or flag it with someone else.


What is Disco?

The Disco Code (of Conduct)

Tools and Terminology

The Commons

Contact Details

Team Disco

Roles and Responsibilities

Career Frameworks

Benefits and Perks

Leave and flexible working



Disco Library

Information for Candidates

The Disco Hubs

Each area of the business has its own dedicated "Hub". These hubs detail the processes we use in each area of the business, answer questions specific to a particular business function, and provide a place for teams to record ongoing discussions or documentation.

Even if you don't work in a particular area of the business, it's a great idea to browse through all of the hubs now and then to familiarise yourself with what other folks in the company are up to!

Unlike the Handbook, the Hubs are not publicly available, to protect sensitive company and client information.